Members website for Wigtownshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers

The Wigtownshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers needed a new website that would enable individual members to contribute projects and events to their website.

As a migration from an existing website, much of the information was already in place, but we re-organised it with a new menu structure and added photographs with a neutral palette of overlays.

We then set up a gallery to allow members to contribute details of their own projects and an events page where members can post details of any events they think will be of interest to the group.

I am really impressed by all the work you have done to create a new look for the website.
Regards Penny

Glenda, you have done a lovely job the site looks great.
Regards Susan

You have done a tremendous job in producing this website. I have just had a play around it and it all appeared to work. I hope this is a step into the future for the Guild.
Congratulations and thank you, Margaret

Members of Wigtownshire Guild

The site colour scheme of soft browns and greys is inspired by the naturally occuring colours of sheep, alpaca and other animals used in the production of natural fibres.

As well as general information about the Guild, we created a private section of the website where members can find meeting minutes and internal newsletters.

Many members have limited computer skills, so we had to make the process of adding information extremely simple. In the private section of the site, members use our easy update form to add photos and details of the projects they are working on.

Once published, members’ projects are then automatically displayed in the correct Gallery section of the public part of the website.

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