Design Freak

  • BA Hons Business Computing with German
  • HEFC Art & Design


Techno Geek

  • BSc Hons Computing Science
  • PhD Computing Science

Who are we?

Ah, the about us page – this is where we’re supposed to write something clever that inspires trust, establishes our credibility and tells the world (modestly) that we’re brilliant at what we do.

G: Adrian – will you write the ‘About Us’ page please, you like writing

A: I like writing fictional short stories

G: Those skills are transferrable, write a factual story about how we both have degrees in computing, but Glenda studied art as well, oh and she’s been teaching for years

A: Why don’t you write it, sounds like you have the plot summary already

G: Yeah, but you need to explain we’ve run our own business for years so we know the pressures that brings.  Oh, and you need to put in something about your extreme technical ninja stuff – you know, the hardcore nerd stuff that you’re much better at – DNS and CSS and stuff

A: Er …

G: But don’t use technical terms no one will understand, it needs to be plain English

A: Er …

G: And we need some humour in there so they know we’re friendly and approachable

A: Right, so I’m up to speed with the latest webby stuff, but don’t want to freak ’em out with jargon

G: Yes

A: And you’re an artist and graphic designer, so you can nail the style they’re after?

G: Yes

A: And I’ve got to be witty about it?

G: Yes

A: And somehow condense our combined 40 years of self-employment into a succinct bite-sized piece of writing that will make people want to get in touch and work with us?

G: Exactly!

A: Tell you what, leave it with me, I’ll get back to you …