We’re people people

Hi, I’m Glenda, the designer and solution obsessed creative thinker

and I’m Adrian, the software engineer who keeps everything running smoothly

We care about what you care about

If there’s one thing we are both really passionate about, it’s helping people, so we want to hear about your business, your passion, what makes you you.

Your genius work, whether you run an amazing online store, make beautiful, creative products, or offer a wonderful service, deserves to be showcased beautifully and presented to the world in the best possible light.

About Glenda

A Creative Thinker

I’m the customer-focused classic ‘fixer’, always looking for elegant and efficient solutions to every problem.

My background

I’m an artist with a degree in Business Computing and a serial entrepreneur with two six figure businesses behind me.

I started my first business in 2000 and Adrian joined me a few years later.  In 2014, we were looking for a new challenge, so we sold our business and relocated to Scotland.

At first, I concentrated on becoming a full time artist and while I’ve had some amazing success in that area, what I discovered was a real passion for using my unique blend of design skills and business experience to help other artists, business owners and entrepreneurs to succeed.

People come to me for

  • A helpful,  patient and friendly approach
  • An artistic eye and understanding of good design principles
  • The ability to explain the technical stuff in simple jargon-free terms
  • A genuine understanding of the challenges of running a small business

About Adrian

Technical Wizardry

I’m the computer engineer behind the scenes. My job is to manage domains, web hosting, security, email setup and all the other computerised complexity that goes on under the hood.

My background

I’m a software designer and developer with a degree and PhD in Computing Science.

Over the years, I’ve worked in everything from small start-up companies to major international corporations, designing and building systems and software for all manner of businesses. Since the mid-noughties, I’ve worked alongside Glenda in our own business ventures, taking care of all things technical.

Nowadays, I enjoy finding the right technical solutions to help other businesses. Whether it’s just keeping all the systems running smoothly or providing custom website programming to meet your needs, that’s where I come in.

I'm the detail freak

  • Software development and configuration
  • Server and site management
  • Data protection and other legal requirements
  • Self-confessed grammar nerd and spelling pedant

We make a great team

What people are saying

I was delighted with the first website Glenda did for my holiday property, so she was the obvious choice to give it a makeover and I’m thrilled to bits with the modern new look.

The online booking system looked daunting at first, but Glenda is so patient and helpful, she really holds your hand throughout the learning process and made it easy to understand.  No more bits of paper and post-it notes everywhere, I can update my own diary, set prices and manage all my customer’s emails in one place now, it’s brilliant!

Polly Greathead

Holiday home owner, www.silverfellgrasmere.com

Glenda completed a website that a friend had begun for me (and I was incapable of finishing), adding the shop and helping with a number of design elements, to make it a truly easy-to-use, perfect website for me.

I am an expressionist painter, and because I sell many of my paintings internationally, Glenda’s knowledge of international rules pertaining to sales and exports in various countries was very valuable to have access to.

She completed everything in the most professional and warm, friendly manner – it was a real joy working with her. She was generous with her time in discussing the myriad of small decisions that make a website sing, and as a very creative artist herself, she understood the aesthetics of what I wanted to achieve.

She was flexible about changes I wanted to make, and directions I wanted to go in. She taught me to easily make any updates to the site I want to make, including adding new pages.

I would not hesitate to ask her for help again, as my studio grows and new ideas come to me! Absolutely ethical and professional to the highest standards, she is a real gem.

Yvonne Magee

Artist, www.yvonnemagee.com

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