Website and Mailchimp integration for Ruth Clayton Artist

The Brief

Ruth is a talented artist who was looking for a new website to showcase her stunning paintings.

She wanted a clean look for the site that allowed her paintings to stand out and really shine.

She also wanted a way to offer her work for sale through the website but which made allowance for the fact that paintings out at exhibitions may not be available in the way that a standard e-commerce site would normally operate.

Finally, she needed the site to integrate with her mailing list and link to her online courses.

Oh my goodness. I am so delighted with my new website. I have finally found two people who actually ‘get’ what I’m after. The fact that Glenda is a creative person herself has made this very easy. She instinctively knew what I needed and gave me great advice about ‘all things Arty.’ Meanwhile, Adrian has worked his magic backstage with all the technical areas that scare me.

Glenda and Adrian are reliable and have kept me up to date every step of the way. They respond quickly and efficiently when emailed, and Glenda has made some small instructive videos to help me get to grips with specific processes required to update the website. I’m so glad I found you.

Thank you, Glendrian.

Ruth Clayton

Ruth Clayton Artist -

Ruth had already done a lot of work on her branding and came to us with a colour palette already picked out and some ideas of font styles.  We helped her to settle on the final choices and digitised her hand drawn logo.

A “non e-commerce” shop

The problem:

Ruth is a full-time exhibiting artist which means her paintings can be on display in a number of galleries in different locations at different times. This can cause issues with a standard online shop or e-commerce systems as products are not available in the normal sense. Someone placing an online order for an original painting (of which there is – obviously – only one copy) cannot be certain that their order would be honoured as the painting may already have been sold by the gallery while out at exhibition.

The solution:

To overcome this, we set up a special ‘shop’ category that Ruth can use to list any product she has for sale.  This category has standardised fields, such as size, media, price so that all products are presented in a standardised and recognisable way. 

This information is then used to populate a shop page that only shows work she has available in her own studio and which allows website visitors to complete a simple online form if they are interested in buying a particular piece. Ruth can then contact them to confirm whether the painting is still available and to arrange payment and shipping directly.

Mailchimp Integration

Ruth was already using Mailchimp through her art gallery Wickerfish, but the list was serving several different audiences.

We added groups to her list to enable her to establish separate interest groups for Ruth’s paintings and for her workshops, separate to the needs of the gallery.

We then set up an automated welcome email and updated her landing page to automatically tag new subscribers to receive the welcome email.  We also provided advice on ways that Ruth could grow her email list in the future.

Glenda is a certified Mailchimp Expert and can help you make the most of your list.

Workshop Links

Ruth teaches art classes in person and online.

The online courses are run through an existing system and Ruth wanted a way to link this to her new website. She also needed the site to provide links to the workshop venue site site and to offer a way for people to book one-to-one sessions directly.

Online courses are handled through a sub-domain and a series of redirect rules that ensures online students will always be directed to the correct courses.

In-person bookings are handled using a link to the workshop venue site and a simple email link to send messages directly to Ruth for one-to-one bookings.

Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of all website traffic these days is via a mobile device such as a phone or tablet.  We always ensure that our websites look good across a wide range of devices and perform extensive testing to double check how the layout of each page is affected on a smaller screen.

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