Website and online shop for Marion Miller Jewellery

Marion, a talented silversmith, came to us for an online shop to sell her beautiful sea inspired jewellery.

Living on the Orcadian island of Stronsay, Marion wanted the site to reflect her surroundings which inspire her work.

It was an utter pleasure to work with Glenda. She is so approachable and friendly. Put me totally at ease. I was so happy with my website. I couldn’t recommend Glendrian enough.

Best wishes, Marion

Marion Miller

Marion Miller Jewellery

Marion’s photography reflects her island based location with the beach, natural shells and driftwood providing a background for her silver and enamelled pieces.

We did a colour analysis of one of Marion’s signature pieces as our starting point to generate a colour story.  This resulted in a palette of sea blues and driftwood grey and we introduced a contrasting accent colour of a soft coral orange.

We designed the site in WordPress using Woocommerce for the online shop.  Marion had been selling her jewellery on Folksy so already had a good idea of how to group her products into categories. 

As well as functional categories (ie, rings, necklaces, earrings, etc), Marion was keen to have her products grouped into ‘Collections’ based on the inspiration behind the pieces.

Ensuring the client is in control

WordPress has the ability to use blog categories in a very flexible way and on Marion’s site, we have made good use of creating pages which  display blog posts from a single category.

Specifically we have used this feature on the Testimonials and News pages as well as the Blog page

Everything on the Testimonials page is a blog post.  They are all quite short so each post is shown in full, with the featured image if they have one.

The News page shows blog posts from the news category, but is styled in a different way, with the title and an excerpt of the text shown alongside the featured image for the post.

Marion’s blog page shows all blog posts that have the ‘blog’ category selected.

What this means in practice is that Marion can write a blog post at any time and the category or categories that she chooses will determine which page or pages the post appears on.

This gives her control of how frequently she wants to update the site.  She can add new testimonials as she receives them, update her news page with offers or new product launches and use her blog to keep her customers and readers interested in the day to day aspects of her life and business.

Keeping your website updated and regularly posting fresh content is a great way to give your site the best chance of ranking higher in natural search results on Google and other search engines.

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