Web Design

Are you ready for a new website?

We build websites that get the job done.

Whether you are selling a product or offering a service, we understand how important it is to keep your website focused on achieving your goals, eg

  • sell more products
  • book more consultations
  • increase visitor numbers
  • get more email subscribers
  • promote an event
  • raise awareness for a good cause

Of course we want to make sure it looks fantastic and it has to be easy for you to manage too. 

Sell your work online

Setting up an online shop is about more than just listing items for sale.  You need a secure payment method, proper terms and conditions, a shipping and returns policy, and a basic understanding of the legal side of things.

Thankfully, this is one of our areas of expertise, (we set up our first ecommerce store in 2004) so we can hold your hand and gently guide you through the process.

Most people know when they’re ready for their own online shop, but the time may be right if:

  • you’re on a marketplace site (eg, Etsy, Folksy) and you’re getting traffic, but losing sales to the competitors
  • you have a lot of products and need to segregate them in a way that makes it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for
  • you want to save money on marketplace fees and commission
  • you have built up a good customer base through social media, but need to get more efficient to serve their needs better
  • you’re growing and need systems so you can delegate and get back to your genius work
Computer on a desk showing an artist's homepage.

Sell your work online

Help your customers find what they are looking for by breaking up your work with categories or filters.

Showcase your portfolio

We love building online shops, but you might be surprised to know that it’s not the only way a website can get people to buy your work.

For artists and makers in particular, a website can act as a fantastic, interactive portfolio to showcase your work – not only to the general public, but to galleries, stockists, grant awarding bodies and potential collaborators.

Connect with social media

For many businesses, social media is where the conversations happen and we can include tools to make it easy for you to share your website to social media in a way that links back to your own site.

Social media is hugely powerful, but it can be a noisy, confusing place to do business. 

If you can entice people out of the crowd and into your own boutique, ie, your website, you get them away from the competition (and distracting rabbit holes) and you are much more likely to convert that enquiry into a sale.

Target your local area

You might think you don’t need a website for the whole world to see when your customers are on your doorstep.

Your local customers will really appreciate helpful features such as appointment booking, the ability to see a menu, or invites to exclusive previews.

A well designed website can really elevate your business and make you the ‘go to’ for your particular niche.

Are you ready for a new website?

Call us during business hours, or email us so we can set up a free 30 minute call to see how we can get the ball rolling.

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