Graphic Design & Branding

Need some help defining or designing your brand?

From business cards to banners, flyers to facebook graphics, you can convey the mood and personality of your business with consistent branding across both digital and print media.

Consider our branding package

If you’re just starting out or looking to re-brand, Glendrian Design is here to assist you in creating a custom logo, color scheme, and even packaging that truly embodies your values and speaks directly to your target audience.

Your brand serves as the foundation for your business, carrying through all aspects of your promotional material, from business cards to your website.

Our branding packages start at £200, covering logo design, color scheme selection, and font choices. With one round of revisions, we will document everything in a style guide to ensure your brand is accurately represented.

Trust us to bring your vision to life and set you apart from the competition.

A well crafted brand can help you sell online

What’s important to your customers?

Are they looking for luxury or a bargain basement?

Are they a tired, frazzled Mum in a hurry, a grandparent with plenty of time to browse or a busy shop owner looking for enticing new products for their boutique shop?

Maybe your customers want to know about your environmental credentials before choosing you over the competition?

Branding starts with an in depth understanding of who your customers are and working backwards from that to create a strong brand that appeals to their values, their budget and their attention span.

Save valuable time when you document your brand style

Defining a style guide is the key to creating a recognisable brand across all types of media, from social media to swing tags, blogs to brochures.

We can help you develop your style, then document everything in a style guide for you, your team or external agencies to refer to.

Social media and blog graphics
Social media and blog graphics

Can we help you get your branding nailed?

Call us during business hours, or email us if you are looking for help with branding and logo design.

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