Need more sales?

A wise mentor once said to me, “It doesn’t matter what line of business you think you’re in, you’re actually in the business of marketing.”

If you have a product or service to sell, you can’t get away from the fact you need to market your business to make a living from it.

That doesn’t mean sleazy sales tactics, it means really getting to know your customers and serving them well.

Are you winging it?

If you are feeling like everyone else has got their act together and you’re fumbling around social media hoping something will go viral, you’re not alone.

We can help you get that swirl of ideas and marketing possibilites nailed down into a plan.  A real, actual, do-able one.

We will help you to set goals – not the ‘dream big’ sort you journal about, but the measurable ones your accountant might suggest, like, you know, making a profit.

Together we will develop a plan that suits your working practice and we will build in systems to monitor the results.

Armed with valuable data, you will be able to see what works, what your customers love and what brings you the best financial return.

Use technology to grow your business

We are Mailchimp experts which means we can make use of powerful features to make your customers feel cherished and looked after, which helps to build loyalty and repeat business.

Some of Mailchimp's powerful features:
  • beautifully styled email newsletters to match your brand
  • social media posts to go out automatically when you send an email to your list
  • landing pages (great for product launches or special offers)
  • branded opt in forms to get new subscribers
  • automatic subscriber emails when you update your blog or news page
  • automatic welcome email series for new subscribers
  • growth campaigns to get new subscribers on your list

Extra features are available if you link your online shop:

  • transactional email (order confirmations, etc)
  • abandoned cart email
  • follow up emails with product recommendations or vouchers

Mailchimp has so many amazing features, you might feel overwhelmed by all the options.

That’s why we do all the set up work for you and provide video training to get you or your team up to speed.

Why an old school printed catalogue can improve your online sales

According to a survey carried out by the United States Postal Service “Catalogs influence purchase decisions more than websites or TV ads.”

Now their survey may be a little biased, given that a printed catalogue will get sent in the mail, but their claim is backed up by other surveys and more importantly, I can attest to the success of the strategy in my own mail order business in the past.

People value the printed format – they actively choose to sit down and read it, rather than have it passively flash by as they are scrolling.  With a printed catalogue in their hands, your ideal customer is more likely to go straight to your website to purchase and won’t be distracted by social media or sponsored adverts.

If you have an online shop, all the work you have done to write your carefully crafted sales pitch for your products can be re-purposed and used as the basis for a printed catalogue.  Add some of our design flair (consistent with your branding of course) and sprinkle liberally with your best product photos and you have a sure fire recipe for success.

Can we help you get your marketing sorted?

Call us during business hours, or email us if you’d like us to help you with marketing in general or Mailchimp in particular.

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