Artist Website and shop for Yvonne Magee

Yvonne had made a start on her website, but needed some help to get an online shop set up to sell her work.  As an abstract artist, she wanted a very minimalist theme to let her artwork be the star of the show.

We designed a new logo and helped Yvonne to decide how best to sell her work, then built the shop around those categories.  We also provided advice on Distance Selling Regulations and EU Cookie Law to ensure the site complies with relevant legislation.

Finally we provided training to ensure that Yvonne is able to manage and update the website herself.

Glenda completed a website that a friend had begun for me (and I was incapable of finishing), adding the shop and helping with a number of design elements, to make it a truly easy-to-use, perfect website for me.

I am an expressionist painter, and because I sell many of my paintings internationally, Glenda’s knowledge of international rules pertaining to sales and exports in various countries was very valuable to have access to.

She completed everything in the most professional and warm, friendly manner – it was a real joy working with her. She was generous with her time in discussing the myriad of small decisions that make a website sing, and as a very creative artist herself, she understood the aesthetics of what I wanted to achieve.

She was flexible about changes I wanted to make, and directions I wanted to go in. She taught me to easily make any updates to the site I want to make, including adding new pages.

I would not hesitate to ask her for help again, as my studio grows and new ideas come to me! Absolutely ethical and professional to the highest standards, she is a real gem.

Yvonne Magee


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